Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Social 2010

For the sixth year in a row, Cory Potash has given us all a chance to come together and celebrate our community during the Autumn Social. We would like to extend our appreciation to the Potash Family as well as BCSIS parents, Kristy Lane and Kari Pedriani who served on the committee with her. There were many other parents who helped pull together this event and our thanks goes out to them as well.

Thank you to Lauren Stovall, Chris Elliott of Spring Creek Bluegrass, and Jordan Ramsey of Long Road Home for providing wonderful bluegrass music.

Thank you as well to King Soopers and Lucky's market for providing gift cards and to Ela Farms for providing apples at a reduced rate.

And, as always, many thanks to our custodians, Jose Mondragon who is our daytime head custodian and Jose Gutierrez and Mario Mondragon who work the afternoon and evening shifts.